The wearing of school uniform is compulsory.

This decision was arrived at after consultation with the community.

Advantages of having a school uniform:

  • Gives us a feeling of pride in ourselves and our school

  • Team spirit and belonging

  • Avoids “designer label” problems

  • Avoids the “What do I wear today” dilemma in the mornings.

Wearing of jewellery, by students, is discouraged. Single ear piercings are acceptable, however wearing of nose studs, tongue studs etc. is not permitted at school. Necklaces etc. may be worn inside clothing.

If children are participating in an interschool event but do not have correct sports’ uniform, they must wear their normal school uniform.

School Uniforms are available for purchase from Personalise It in Waipukurau. Please contact Kiri on 027 376 8641 or personaliseitnz@gmail.com.

  • green and white polo shirt (unisex)

  • green half zip polo fleece (unisex)

  • black pull on cargo short (unisex)

  • black skort - shorts that look like a skirt (Girls optional)

  • black track pants – no logos (unisex)

  • black sport short (unisex optional)

Footwear: Standardised safe secure sandals and/or sports shoes (with black socks or black tights with the skort).

All children must have an old shirt to wear over their uniform when doing art etc - an old one of Mum’s or Dad’s is ideal - we can always trim sleeves that are too long.